Why businesses still need phone systems

With today's technology, it can be easy to ask yourself- Do I still need a phone system? With email and smartphones, it can seem like a traditional phone system is obsolete.

We are here to tell you that it most certainly is not! Here are four reasons you definitely still need a phone system.

For some people voice communication is still important.

Those who grew up using voice communication still find it important. Anyone who was in business 15 years ago used a traditional landline, and while I cannot speak for everyone, they probably still like to. It is efficient and personal, two important business needs.

It is still an employee and customer expectation that you have a phone line.

Having a phone number makes you a legitimate business in the eyes of the beholder. And yes, you could put your cell number on a business card or website. But are you prepared to have that line blow up on your vacation, weekends, and during any personal event? Also, for legal and safety reasons (such as an overly disgruntled customer) you will find safety in a line that is separate from your personal life.

You can create immediate and personal connections with your customers.

Doing business exclusively through email has its perks. But nothing can beat the personal connection you can make with your voice. We all know how difficult it can be to express our emotions and thoughts through email. When you speak on the phone, those things come naturally.

Most importantly, phone systems have evolved to keep up with technology.

Phone systems today can do much more than place and receive calls. Now, you can have a phone system that includes video, web and chat communication along with voice. The best part is, it is cheaper than ever before.

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