The Secret of Project Success

What is the best way to get things done in a project? If you meet with your staff informally about a project, you’re afraid something is going to get missed. Yet formal meetings take up so much time and reduce productivity. Keeping everything in writing via email is a fact of life but creates long, confusing email threads and wastes the time of many recipients. If you wish there was a better way you aren’t alone.

 How to Overcome Mediocrity  

Projects big or small seem to take on a life of their own. You hopefully have good people around you and you’ve probably got the process nailed down with specific methodologies and toolsets to step through project phases. Clear communication among all parties involved is one of the most critical areas of a project and can mean the difference between success and failure. Handling all these touch points of communication easily in an efficient manner increases the likelihood of profitable and successful projects

How to Overcome Information Overload

Phone calls, emails, texts and meetings make for a black hole of potentially overwhelming information. Each member of your team gets inundated with information in many different forms. Everyone needs to keep the important pieces of information together and share it among the team. This is often done through group emails and meetings. In fear of not keeping everyone informed, group emails often are sent to people who don’t need them, and staff gets pulled into meetings who don’t need to be there. This ultimately wastes time and resources, frustrates people and creates cynicism.  

The Benefits of a Communication Hub

Of course, phone calls, emails, texts and meetings whether onsite or remote are all necessary ways of communicating in today’s business world. The key to increasing productivity and to be honest, sanity, among your team is to have one place you can access all communication channels instead of bouncing back and forth between multiple apps and locations. 

The Leaders in Team Collaboration

It’s not hard at all to get started in this direction. Most companies have an Office 365 subscription and Microsoft Teams is an excellent Collaboration Hub. Microsoft Teams is one place for conversations, meetings and calls. It integrates with other Office 365 apps as well as third-party apps like Trello, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Smart Sheet. What’s more you can collaborate on documents right within the Teams app while texting and having an audio or visual meeting about it 

Where to Go From Here

Communication is a key part of any project. One hub to collaborate and keep files, conversations, meeting and calls in one place is a huge leap forward in managing information overload.

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